Child Representation

Does Your Child Need Representation of Their Own?

I will have your child's best interest in mind as their legal counsel in Wheaton, IL

During some divorce cases, children require legal representation of their own to ensure that their best interests are being cared for. If you need to hire a trusted attorney, call Kate Sharp Law in Wheaton, IL. I can not only act as Guardian ad Litem for your child if appointed by the court, but I can also be your child's attorney. You can trust that I'll do what's best for your child.

Whether you're going through a contested or uncontested divorce, I'll be with your child every step of the way. You can reach out to me now to learn more about how I can be your child's representative.

There are three distinct positions the court recognizes when representing a child in a divorce or custody matter.

They are:

  • Attorney for your Child: This is an attorney who works specifically for a child in the context of aiding the court
  • Child representative: This is an attorney who advocated for a specific parenting plan after a couple's divorce
  • Guardian ad Litem: This is an individual assigned to determine the relevant facts about a child's relationships with his or her parents to help the court determine an appropriate post-divorce parenting plan

You can learn more about what these roles mean by calling me today at 630-660-3377.